A Day in New York City with Mr. Joseph Abboud

A Day in New York City with Mr. Joseph Abboud

By: Nicholas Kaufman, Recording Secretary and Rachel Lynch, Southern Region Vice President

At 6:45, the alarm clock rang and we each sprung out of bed. The days outfit consisted of freshly ironed grey slacks, steamed white button-down shirts, and the famous DECA blazer. By 7 o’clock, we stepped aboard the train that would take us to New York Penn Station. We sat amongst the regulars commuting into the city. The train ride felt like a millennium, but upon our arrival we hopped out and made our way into Manhattan.

From the second we stepped through the doors of 424 Madison Avenue in New York City, our faces lit up with a grin as we entered the Flagship Store of Joseph Abboud. From bespoke suits to handmade leather products, the views of his store reflected his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for menswear. Mr. Abboud is the Chief Creative Director of Men’s Wearhouse and the 2018 Keynote Speaker for ICDC in Atlanta, Georgia. His career began in footwear and overtime evolved to high-end men’s fashion. All of his garments are properly constructed in New Bedford, Massachusetts with a majority of the fabric imported from Italy. He is an inspiration to all because he started with very little and was able to build his brand name fashion house.

Before the arrival of Mr. Abboud, we spent time catching up with Jaron May, the DECA High School Division President. We spoke about the latest news from DECA as we were fantasizing about a potential re-designed DECA blazer courtesy of Mr. Abboud. Also, we had the pleasure of meeting and networking with Executives from DECA Inc. and Tailored Brands.

As Mr. Abboud was walking through the front door, we were there, along with Jaron, to give him a proper, sincere DECA greeting. As the camera crew prepared to begin filming, Mr. Abboud talked with us about our excitement and plans for the future and college like anyone speaking with a high school senior. As we talked to him it felt as if we had been old friends rather than high school students in the face of a fashion designer icon. He guided a personal tour around his beautiful store, formerly a bank, and explained the significance of some of his classic pieces.

As we walked between the isles of suits and accessories, the camera crew called out: it was time to begin shooting! Jaron made his powerful introduction, telling future viewers of DECA Inc.’s excitement about having Mr. Abboud join on the ICDC presentation, and gave some background on his immense character. Following the introduction Mr. Abboud answered our personal questions about entrepreneurship in the fashion industry, career success, and the future, with such grace and enthusiasm.

This experience was truly amazing, and it is one we will never forget! He shows the true definition of being #Limitless and #NJDECADriven.